Battle Of The Buds: The Concentrate vs. Flower High

Battle Of The Buds: The Concentrate vs. Flower High

If you’re a regular weed smoker who has never tried a dab of wax, you may be wondering what the concentrate vs. flower high is like. While many premium strains of dank herb come with a THC analysis as high as 30% or more, concentrates’ strength can be in the upwards of over 90% pure THC. As concentrates contain higher amounts of THC and other cannabinoids, they produce a more intense high than traditional flower because you receive a higher dose of psychoactives in each hit.

What Are Concentrates?

Every dab distillate from KushCab Delivery is made with the purest cannabis-derived terpenes and is always independently lab-tested for quality, cannabinoid content, and traces of pesticides. Cannabis extracts come in many different forms, including:

  • Shatter
  • Badder
  • Sauce
  • Diamonds
  • Oil
  • And more!

And all of these fantastic extracts are available for KushCab’s California delivery without exorbitant prices.

How To Use Concentrates

Instead of throwing a nug into a grinder and packing bowls or rolling joints over and over again, concentrates can be vaporized either in pens or glass oil rigs. Some vaporizer pens such as STIIIZY are compatible with distillate cartridges while some other devices may require a THC distillate syringe (in which you add the oil by dropper into the chamber of your vaporizer).

Where To Buy Concentrates

KushCab Delivery is California’s #1 solution for cannabis concentrates delivery. Los Angeles County citizens have the privilege of getting their deliveries the same day they order, while everyone else in the state will receive their package by the next day. Think of us as a mobile dispensary; we work our hardest to ensure that medical and recreational users all over the state get to enjoy the products they love without the hassle of going to the store.

What We Offer
Here at KushCab, we only stock the best products on the market because we cater to the most discerning customers who care about receiving the highest quality products without the high price tags. Some of the brands and concentrates we carry include and are not limited to:
  • STIIIZY’s Tangie distillate pods
  • Palmas OG Kush syringes
  • West Coast Cure resin sauce
  • Barewoods’ Platinum Cookies shatter
  • And more!
Ready To Order?
Sign up for KushCab Delivery today and get California’s best distillates delivered right to your front door by tomorrow at the latest. When you sign up for our program, we automatically enroll them in our Kush Credit rewards program where you can earn points for every dollar you spend to redeem on all your favorite awesome products. Join now and use our coupon code NEWCUST for an extra 10% off your first order!