Do STIIIZY Pods Fit In Pax Vaporizers?


Do STIIIZY Pods Fit In Pax VaporizersDo STIIIZY Pods fit in Pax batteries? Unfortunately, they do not, but STIIIZY Pods are 100% compatible with the slim, pocket-sized STIIIZY battery or the BIIIG STIIIZY vaporizer kit. The Pax is a little bulkier and cumbersome while the STIIIZY pen is about the same size as a JUUL vaporizer, which means you’re probably wondering “will JUUL Pods work in a STIIIZY? Once again, it’s a no. If you want to know what pods work with STIIIZY, the answer is clear as day: STIIIZY Pods! In JUUL devices and other vaporizers, it’s not uncommon for each brand to have its own specific type of cartridge that’s compatible with its vaping namesake.

A Cut Above The Rest

STIIIZY is known among cannabis connoisseurs from all corners of the globe, simply because their quality is almost impossible to beat. All STIIIZY products are made with premium, top-shelf flower and concentrates to make sure that you live life elevated. Each batch of concentrates is independently lab-tested to ensure supreme quality, every time. With all sorts of dank cartridges to choose from like indicas, sativas, and multiple hybrids, STIIZY has something for everybody.

There Are No Dispensaries Near Me! 

Don’t panic just because you don’t live within a reasonable distance from a dispensary or cannabis club. You can find STIIIZY online easier than you can find it in stores! A premium brand, STIIIZY can often be found in high-end retailers, but here at KushCab Delivery, we bring this premium product to you without the massive price tag. In fact, we provide many of the same popular brands like West Coast Cure, Barewoods, and Spliffin that may be difficult to find if you don’t live in the right area.

You Mean I Can Get My Weed Delivered?

Think of KushCab as a mobile dispensary. Rather than having to find a ride to the store or deal with the b.s. of trying to get your hands on some fire herb, all it takes is the push of a button. Simply enter your California zip code and we’ll be there to bring you your goodies as soon as possible! For those living in Los Angeles County, we offer same-day delivery. For anyone else in Southern California, we’re proud to offer next-day delivery and two-day delivery for citizens living in Northern Cali.

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It’s easy! If you’re 18 or older, just visit our webpage at and fill in the required fields. Once your account has been created, we automatically enroll you in our Kush Credit program where you can earn points for every dollar you spend to redeem all your favorite cannabis goodies like STIIIZY Pods, battery packs, and other great stuff.

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