How Long Does A Stiiizy Pod Last?

Stiiizy Pod

How long does a STIIIZY Pod last and what exactly is one? STIIIZY Pods are the ultimate vaping device. A perfect blend of style and functionality, STIIIZY Pods allow for discreet medicating at home or on-the-go and can last a lifetime with proper care. STIIIZY can slide in your pocket or be tucked into your handbag and KushCab Delivery is the best place to order your starter kit.

As Easy As 1-2-3

To get started, all you need to do is grab one of your favorite STIIIZY carts, plug it into your STIIIZY Pen, and inhale! STIIIZY is simple in design yet effective in results, providing the soothing qualities of your favorite weed strains while eliminating any hassle. You’ll never have to heat up a blowtorch to take a dab or sort through inferior cannabis companies’ oil cartridges ever again when you order a STIIIZY kit straight to your front door!

A Full Menu Of Flavors

STIIIZY flavors come in a variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Lab-tested for terpene quality, THC content, and pesticides, all STIIIZY concentrates taste great and deliver a smooth high. They are also JUUL-compatible, meaning you can swap your favorite STIIIZY cartridges in and out as easily as you can charge it. Chargeable via USB, the battery pack can last for multiple days depending on your level of use. Casual smokers can expect their batteries to last a few days while heavy smokers can expect to charge theirs each day. Are you already a big STIIIZY fan? Then check out the Biiig STIIIZY, a bigger and better battery mod component with a longer battery life. The Biiig STIIIZY is compatible with the same pods and has no buttons to interfere with the toking experience. Simply put it to your lips and draw as the coils automatically heat up the oil inside!

Where Can I Buy STIIIZY?

Did you know that California only has around 400 licensed dispensaries when there are over 40 million people living in the state? This leaves only one shop for every hundred thousand citizens, a number falling far too short of meeting everybody’s needs. KushCab Delivery is California’s premier mobile dispensary service, giving access to cannabis to millions of Californians who can’t make it to the store. KushCab Delivery eliminates the stress and annoyance of having to find a ride to the shop, especially for those who don’t live close to one. We here at KushCab work hard to get you your medicine in a timely and safe manner, which is why we offer same-day delivery to patients in Los Angeles County and next-day delivery for Californians everywhere else. Ready to see what STIIIZY is all about? Browse our catalog and order your starter kit today! Use our coupon code NEWCUST for 10% off your first purchase and enjoy free shipping on us when you place an order over $100!