How Much THC Is In A Gelato Cartridge?

How Much THC Is In A Gelato Cartridge

If you’re wondering how much THC is in a Gelato cartridge, the answer is 1,000mg, or 1 whole gram of tetrahydrocannabinol! Gelato is a hybrid strain that packs a smooth and flavorful punch with sweet, fruity overtones. West Coast Cure vape cartridges and extracts are always solvent-free and independently lab-tested for other contaminants, ensuring that your cannabis products contain only the good stuff.

West Coast carts THC levels are all 1,000mg regardless of whether you purchase a full gram or half-gram cartridge, so you can vape any of their extracts knowing you’re getting exactly what’s labeled on the package.


What is a sauce cartridge, exactly? Sauce is a type of cannabis extract made from the trichomes, or resin, of the marijuana flower buds. Here at KushCab Delivery, we’re proud to offer the best West Coast Cure tins of sauce extract, with delicious strains such as Lemonade Candyland and Cookie Breath. To create this fabulous sauce, West Coast Cure’s flower buds must be cultivated in the perfect environment and grown to their maximum genetic potential. After harvesting, the buds are then frozen to release the trichomes in the flower. These trichomes are what transform high-quality nugs into potent extracts.

What Makes WCC Special

West Coast carts, vape accessories, and other cannabis products are top-of-the-line. A premium product, we here at KushCab are proud to offer a curated list of West Coast Cure items without the premium price tag such as:
  • Pre-rolled joints
  • Flower
  • Badder
  • Shatter
  • And other great concentrates!
West Coast Cure has also gained a reputation for being not only a stellar cannabis brand, but has also been endorsed by numerous celebrities, artists, and other creative influencers.

Where To Cop

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