How You Can Tell A Fake STIIIZY Pod From A Real One?

How You Can Tell A Fake STIIIZY Pod

Chances are if it’s purchased off the black market, the deep web, or from another unreliable, unverifiable source, it’s probably not the real thing. Counterfeit cannabis products, especially concentrates, are gaining popularity in California ever since the legalization of marijuana within the state. 

While fake STIIIZY pods are cheaper than the real deal, they can also be extremely damaging to ones’ health. One of the most commonly found contaminants in fake pods is paclobutrazol. As bad for your health as it is hard to pronounce, paclobutrazol is a pesticide used to regulate plant growth and should not be consumed by humans. Not only are pesticides and filler oils prominent in fake STIIIZY pods, but also the amount of THC used in these knockoffs are not regulated or thoroughly tested. This means that with a counterfeit pod, you never know exactly what you’re putting into your body unless it’s lab-tested. 

How Will I Know if I Purchased a counterfeit STIIIZY pod?

When inquiring about the authenticity of a STIIIZY pod, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Consider the price they are offering
  • All black packaging has been discontinued
  • All white foam with black OR white inserts inside of packaging has been discontinued
  • All Take the bubble test at room temperature (the distillate within the pod should not move so rapidly)

Need To Bring Your Weed With You?

Can you bring STIIIZY on a plane? Good news for Californians who want to bring their weed with them on California flights; cannabis patients can fly domestically with their medicine when leaving several California airports as long as they are carrying 8 ounces or less of dried flower or equivalent in other products like concentrates. The only thing you can’t fly with is a weed plant itself. Throughout the state, the transportation, cultivation, possession, and use of cannabis is entirely legal. 

In short, your STIIIZY disposable pods or BIIIG STIIIZY vaporizers fall under the allowed amount on California flights and are a-okay to bring on planes. 

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