What Are Marijuana Concentrates?

Marijuana Concentrates

What are marijuana concentrates and how do they work? Concentrates are one of the purest forms of weed, coming in a wide range of extremely potent products. Different methods of preparation and extraction result in different kinds of concentrates, such as butane honey oil, shatter, budder, earwax, distillates, and more. These methods of preparation also result in different THC percentages. The THC percentage in shatter, for instance, can be anywhere from 30-90%, whereas the THC percentage in distillates are usually between 90-99%.

KushCab Delivery is California’s number one way to procure the best cannabis concentrates. We offer premium brands and products, serving medical and recreational patients in every corner of the state. As the premier mobile dispensary, KushCab Delivery brings relief to thousands of people who do not have easy access to the relief they need. There’s one dispensary for every 400,000 Californians, and we believe in equal access for all. Not everybody has the ability to go to the shop, which is why we work our hardest to bring the shop to you. 

What We Offer

    Some of the incredible cannabis brands we carry include:

  • Dime
  • Palmas
  • West Coast Cure
  • Barewoods
  • Spliffin
  • Marley Natural
  • And more!

Whether you’re a novice toker or a veteran smoker, we’ve got the right product for you. Try some Blue Dream shatter pods, courtesy of STIIIZY! This high-potency strain has risen to legendary status among stoners worldwide, offering a well-rounded high that’s great for everything from a fun night out to combating stress, pain, and depression. There’s also West Coast Cure Gelato and Cookie Breath strain concentrates: flavorful, golden bliss made from exquisite flowers and processed down to only the purest cannabinoid isolates.

All of the wonderful and award-winning products that we carry here at KushCab Delivery are lab-tested for terpene quality, THC percentage, and are always solvent-free. We constantly update our inventory with the best cannabis selections that California has to offer because we care about quality above all.

How We Operate

Once you register with KushCab, all you have to do is select the items you want and wait for us to come to you. Our delivery times are next-day for Californians living outside of Los Angeles County, while residents within L.A. can receive their deliveries the same day they order. After you place your first order, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our exclusive customer rewards program where you can earn points for every dollar you spend towards your favorite awesome weed products. And the best part? Unlike some dispensaries, signing up with us is 100% free with NO hidden membership fees!

Join Today!

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