Why Is West Coast Cure So Expensive?

Why Is West Coast Cure So Expensive

Why is West Coast Cure so expensive? Well, for one thing, it isn’t if you order from KushCab Delivery. West Coast Cure is a premium brand of cannabis products often seen in the hands of A-list celebs like Wiz Khalifa, Action Bronson, and even the group Cypress Hill. This endorsement by celebrities may lead people to believe that West Coast Cure is expensive, but in fact, it’s more affordable than ever with KushCab.

What Is West Coast Cure?

West Coast Cure keeps the connoisseur in mind with their 5-star WCC carts, flower, and extracts. Their extracts are made with the best terpenes and are always lab-tested for quality and purity. Each wax cartridge is free of pesticides, filler oils, and other contaminants, ensuring that you get a clean, delicious puff every time.

What Else Do They Offer?

If you’re in the mood for a strain unlike anything you’ve ever had before, order yourself some West Coast Cure Lucky Charms. While a leprechaun isn’t included, West Coast Cure Pens will have you flying high above the rainbow. You can also try WCC’s “Cured Joints”. These pre-rolls come in multipacks, burn evenly, and are not harsh on the lungs in the slightest. Looking for something a little more intense? West Coast Cure tins of sauce or “diamonds” are among the finest cannabis extracts currently on the market today.

Do I Need To Be A Star Like Action Bronson To Partake?

Nope! Every California resident of legal age can enjoy the best West Coast Cure products, courtesy of KushCab Delivery. We offer same-day delivery in Los Angeles County, one-day delivery in SoCal, and 2-day delivery for Northern Cali. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $100!

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Sign up for KushCab Delivery today and we’ll automatically enroll you in our Kush Credit program where you can earn points for every dollar you spend on all your favorite weed goodies like Lucky Charms carts or space brownies. As our gift to you, we’ll even give you 10% off your first order using the coupon code NEWCUST. What are you waiting for? Order today and enjoy the best weed brand California has to offer!